I am the dreamer and the dream

It all started with a dream, a lucid dream that is, where you have control of what you do and say. And not the kind of dream where you feel powerless and are pushed or pulled into terrifying situations beyond your control such as being in free fall of a cliff, or facing a monster, or any other similar situation.

No, this was not that sort of dream. This was a fun kind where it was much different.

I set the intention as I fell asleep to remember my dream. Very soon in my dream state, I found myself standing in front of a super thick mist, the kind that appears out of nowhere when you’re driving in the mountains You drive down a stretch and then hit a blanket of mist so thick that visibility drops to zero and you come to a complete stop and proceed gently and cautiously.

Only in this dream, I wasn’t in a car or racing down a mountain. I was just standing. I felt a nudge, an inner curiosity to walk into the midst. I stepped forward gingerly, with my hands raised forward into the empty, misty space. This is similar to walking through a pitch black bedroom in the middle of the night to stumble off to the bathroom, hoping you won’t plow into a dresser, step on something sharp like a toy, or squish in something jarring like a fresh hairball. Did I tell you I am a cat owner?

In this dream, I was wearing exactly what I had worn to bed, which for me was a T-shirt, light running shorts, and of course barefoot. I also didn’t have my glasses on, but in the dream state I have 20/20 vision.

I gingerly stepped forward and in about three steps, felt this pressure on me like plunging into a deep pool of water. I instinctively help my breath as I walked another few steps. It was mildly uncomfortable, but not threatening. This was very unlike any mist I had ever remembered. But then I remembered that I was dreaming. I was both the dreamer and the dream.

Then, with about two more steps, I was through the mist and found myself staring in a blank area. I wouldn’t call it a room. It was just nothingness. I looked down and the ground (if you would call it that.) was as blank as the sky and sides around me. Everything around me glowed a very soft white light, like those lights a photography studio uses with the big sheets of plastic over the lights. In this case, the lights came from an unknown Source and everything around me was one huge blank canvas.

I don’t know what prompted me to do the next step. I just thought “tree” and imagined and a modest tree in front of me, about ten feet tall and leafed out. I love trees and watching the light moving through the trees. So I felt joy thinking of the tree as I imagined it. To my amazement and wonder, there was a “pop” and suddenly the tree appeared in front of me.

I then imagined a second and third tree, with the same intention and emotion. Again, there were the “pop” sounds and two more trees appeared. I realized it would take a very long time to manifest a whole forest of trees in this manner, so I then imagined a whole forest emerging near me. I love to walk through a state park just one house away from my home. Then, with another “pop” I found myself in a lovely wooded area, complete with chipmunks, birds, and a trail before me.

The woods were filtered with sun, and there were ferns, wild flowers, and a stream someplace to the left as I found myself on a narrow yet discernible foot path. I could see for a great distance in any direction. It was peaceful. Everything around me felt vibrant and alive. The trees, animals, water, air, and sunlight were more intense than any I remembered when awake. After breathing in deeply the fresh air, I walked on the path until I came to a clearing.

The clearing was an open field of sweet smelling grasses that were about knee high. The sky was a brilliant deep blue. The sun was warm but not crushingly hot. Again, everything was beautiful and beckoned to speak to me. I figured though this was a good introduction to this new world and that I could return another day.

I wondered about how to go back to the “real world” of my bedroom. I raised my hand, pointed my finger, and then I drew a Druidic Futhark rune in front of me called “Othala”, which looks like a diamond with two tails coming out of the bottom of the diamond. As I drew in the air, the outline glowed in a golden color. Then I watched it grow before my eyes, getting larger and larger until it was something I could step through.

Finally, I stepped through the rune. The next thing I knew, I was back in my bedroom. I woke up five minutes before my alarm was set to go off and was invigorated. I heard light rain falling outside and the birds singing in a huge maple tree outside my window. I stirred and noticed my big white cat Gandalf was pressed against me and purring loudly.

What a great day. So this begins my adventure. Some day I will learn how to bring that world back into this world. My adventure continues.

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