Introducing the Learning Period

I woke up very early in the morning and glanced at the clock. It read 3:33am. I was so awake! My mind was racing with thoughts about There, and where my adventure would take me. It didn’t help that I had two TV world cats sharing the bed with me, with one pressed in between my knees and the other along my side, wanting me to pet him. I’d stoke him for a about three strokes and then scratch under his chin then rest my hand down beside him. Then he’d first wash my hand with his rough barbed tongue, then give me a gentle nip asking for more petting. After going through that cycle about five times, I hid my arms and hands under the covers. I went back to sleep for a a little more than an hour, to wake up again just after 5:00 AM.

I got up from the bed, went over to my yoga mat, and began my morning meditation by clearing my mind and seeing what would emerge. I use the word “seeing” because when I am in that state, my imagination becomes like a movie, although includes all the senses plus a whole lot more thanks to the imagination. Or is it the imagination?

After I began my meditation, I found myself back There, standing in the center of Cree. Sri was laying nearby in a flowerbed outside one of the buildings. He opened his eyes, stretched, then hopped down. Then he spoke, “Would you like to learn more about the afternoon learning period?”

“Yes, I would.” I wondered what it would be like. Just then I remembered I had had a recurring dream theme for several years, maybe once a week. I would only remember a hint of the dream each time, and it would be different settings. What I do remember is in these dreams, I had a snippet of being in a classroom learning something. “Hmm,” I thought to myself. “There may be more to those dreams than I thought.” With that, I shifted my focus back to There.

In the middle of the village square, there were several trees providing a lovely park-like setting. I saw groups of ten or eleven people sitting in a circle around a few trees, while under other trees there were just one or two. They had they eyes closed and I would have thought they were asleep if not for the sitting position they were in.

“What is going on here?” I asked Sri. “Where are the teachers? Is this a break from a classroom?”

“The trees are the teachers. Today, they are giving a lesson on the connection of all life, in all forms. They are very wise and old teachers.”

I looked at Sri with amazement. “Trees teaching?” I asked. This is so very different than TV world. I forget that I’m someplace very different because these trees look just like the ones near where I live.

Sri responded, “All trees speak, here, and where you sleep. It’s just that many people have forgotten how to listen to them in your sleepy TV world. Come, though. You will have many opportunities to join in the tree classes. You actually have been in the tree classes many times, but just can’t remember presently. We are continuing on this walk so you can get a sense of just some of the teaching and learning that takes place in the afternoons.”

“Why is it I see people from all ages, children to adults sitting under the trees? How can that be? Shouldn’t the children be in a school of some kind with desks and paper? And why are the adults in the same class?”

“We all are learning. We all are equal. Age does not separate who can learn what. In fact, you could attend the same lesson multiple times over many years and each time you could learn something deeper or from another perspective. Take for instance the tree’s class on Oneness. One student could learn from seeing how everyone is learning together and breathing in rhythm to each other that they are experiencing a sense of unity and oneness. Another student could learn that some life forms are breathing out carbon dioxide while the vegetation breathes that in and breathes out oxygen, which the prior life forms take in. That oneness is the connection of life. Yet another student could learn that the roots of the trees are connected in the ground to a vast network of other trees, even though they are separated by miles. The trees share a common voice, especially of the same species. They communicate telepathically though their roots, limbs, and leaves. There is a oneness in communicating to all, anywhere.”

My head was spinning. All this, from sitting under just one tree for only a few minutes. Sri then took me down near the stream that had come from the mountain and was now more of a river running through town. There, I saw a group of people sitting in front of a curious little slender being sitting on a large toad stool. He or she (I couldn’t make out one gender or another, so for simplicity I’ll say “he” here) was wearing deep forest green, form-fitted tights covering his entire body except for his hands, feet, and head. If I hadn’t seen him holding a glowing orb in his hands which was about three times the size of his head, I probably wouldn’t have seen him at all. He blended in with his surroundings.

Everyone sitting near him also had a glowing orb between their hands. I watched the orbs change colors as they moved their fingers around the orbs and touching in various places. As I got closer, I heard the most beautiful music coming from the orbs. As the fingers moved and touched in various positions, I heard different tones and pitches. The music sounded like harp music, with pure tones vibrating with the movements.

“What is this class?” I asked Sri.

“This is a resonance class. These students are learning how to focus emotions and feelings into the orbots (those little orb shaped things) and then amplify and broadcast them out a musical tones.”

“Then what do the students do after they learn to play the orbot? Play in group sessions like a band?”

“They could, as sharing music with others in a large setting is healing for the performers and the audience. These students are learning to master the orbots to become sound healers. That is a very large topic in itself, best for another conversation. Let’s leave it that the sound healers are an integral part of this village in helping maintain balance.”

I glanced beyond this group and saw dozens of other groups of people along the river, under trees, or in the shade of the buildings. There were people of all ages in each group, and it appeared everyone was engaged and enjoying their class. “It could take me years to learn all there is to know here, with all these groups,” I thought to myself.

Sri of course heard my thoughts. “That is why we are constantly learning. Learning is endless.”

I glanced over to a field closer to where the garden with fruit and vegetables had been and I saw people that appeared to be leaping up into the sky about ten feet, twirling around, and landing again. This I definitely wanted to explore a little further. Sri saw my interest. “They are learning to fly. It is particularly useful in picking nuts or fruit from the tops of trees or crossing over the river when it is cut for below two mountain cliffs or crossing a lake when it would take too long to walk around.”

“So is flying like this how you get around instead of cars?” I asked.

“For things like I described yes. But for longer distances, we have several other ways of travel. You will learn these soon enough.

“There is something that has been nagging at me since we came to the village,” I said hesitantly looking for words. I live in a little stone house some distance from the village. Everyone here seems to have a role, some work, some activity that they do in the morning hours where you said everyone only needs to work for about four hours a day. What I my role?”

I’m glad you asked. You are a Founder.”

“A Founder?” I asked. “In TV world, founders are those who begin settlements, clear the land, build towns, form governments, host picnics, and erect statues.”

“Here, a Founder is someone who is found by Finder. Finders are newcomers to this place, and can arrive much as you came by showing up in the meadow. They find you, so then from their perspective, you are found. You then are akin to a welcoming committee of one for them and help them move to the place they find most comfortable. I think you discovered the jump pad in your kitchen.”

“Right. I wondered what that was. So is this village one of the places to go which I saw on the screens of the display?”

“Yes. It is one of many places to visit. The jump pads are found in as many different places as you can possibly imagine as a way for a few people to move from one point to another. The jump pads are particularly useful for Finders who haven’t remembered or learned other forms of getting around.”

Sri posed a question. “Have you ever had dreams where you suddenly find yourself in some environment and don’t know how you get there? You just appear for instance in a building, on a train, on the street, or some other place for your dream time?”

“Of course. All the time in my dreams I’m suddenly somewhere and don’t know how I got there. That’s the whole point of dreams.”

“Well, can you imagine a technology exists like the jump pad that can pull you from your dream space to There? As you fall asleep, you in moments find yourself someplace other than in your bed sleeping.”

“I hadn’t really thought of that. I just thought sleeping was sleeping.”

“Open your imagination to possibilities.”

Sri then glanced at the sky and the sun. “Soon it will be time for the evening gathering and sunset. We will continue with our conversation. It is time for you to go back to your TV world.”

With that, I sat on the grass, closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, then exhaled. I again found myself on my yoga mat. Only minutes had passed.

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  1. This blog is continuing to surprise me. It flows like a novel, be it with typos and grammatical errors. I’m not going back to prior posts and editing them as this story unfolds. I’m sharing what comes organically during my meditation and then as I sit at my laptop and start writing.

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