Flying in Metatron’s Cube

I looked around the cottage kitchen. The jump pad was dark. No lights blinked and there were no fan or computer sounds, if it even had a computer to make it go. Sri appeared on the kitchen counter and washed his coat briefly. When he ran his tongue with all the tiny barbs in it over his coat, the fur straightened out as if he had used a fine tooth comb. After a few minutes of that, he looked at me and spoke.

“It’s time for us to go back to Cree to go to the evening gathering.” The sun in the sky looked like it was about an hour before sunset at this point.

I put on a pair of walking sandals, thinking we would walk by the stream and down to the village as we did previously. Sri saw in my mind the images I had of the woods and walk. “We’re not walking this time. We can travel by mat since it will come in handy once we get there.”

Now this was a strange concept. Fly by mat? I glanced around the room and saw nothing that looked like a mat. I went into the bedroom area and saw that it had returned to looking like a place I would rest and not to house guests needing multiple beds and a change in clothes. On the bed was what looked like a long tubular yoga bag. I reached inside and then pulled out a yoga mat made out of thick woven cotton.

Sri was behind me. “Take it out to the front porch,” he instructed. Some day you will learn how to pass through doors and walls. But since this is your first time, it’s best to start outside.”

I carried it out to the porch with Sri at my side. I laid it out and smoothed out any wrinkles in the mat. I looked at Sri expectantly for more directions.

“Sit in the middle cross legged. The lotus position where both feet are up on top of your crossed legs isn’t necessary. Having your back straight is. Breathe in deeply and imagine a large golden pyramid surrounding you with the point up above your head. As you breathe out, fill the pyramid with love. When you breathe in again, imagine another large pyramid golden, this time pointed down. Imagine the point down below you underground. As you breathe out, lock the two pyramids together as they form something called Metatron’s cube. You are sitting in the very center between both pyramids. Next, imagine the shape spinning in a figure eight.”

Sitting on the mat, I had difficulty imagining the cube spinning in a figure eight. It got a little muddled in my head as to which point faced which direction and when.

“It might be easiest to visualize if you imagine you are outside the cube and holding it in your hand. You then flip your wrist back and forth into the shape of a figure eight. Focus on the top point of the nested pyramids as it travels into a three dimensional figure eight as your wrist rotates. Then imagine yourself sitting in the large cube again with it spinning again, faster and faster. It will also become brighter and brighter as you do this.”

I imagined the Metatron’s cube spinning faster and faster with me sitting on the yoga mat in the center. The color started out golden, but the faster it spun, the color became more clear. It reminded me of how a window fan looks. When the fan is off, you can clearly see three or four blades. Then, as the fan speeds up, you no longer can see the individual blades as they just look like a whir of motion. At that point, you can look right through the fan blades. The spinning Metatron’s cube looked very similar one I had it spinning fast enough.

“Good. Now the next part is very important. With it still spinning, imagine you are as light as a feather and can fly. Your intention needs to be free of distraction. Focus on flying to the village.”

I cleared my mind and imagined flying. The yoga mat lifted from the porch and hovered out into the yard which was about three feet below. But then I lost my focus as I started wondering about falling. With that, the mat crashed to the ground below in a big thump.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You changed your focus to falling, and so the mat responded in kind. Instead, imagine you are flying and there’s no fear or problem. Let’s make this easy. Focus on the meadow where you first saw your last visitors and imagine just gliding above the ground over to that point. Remember to keep the cube spinning.”

Sri sat on the mat beside me. I again imagined the Metatron’s cube spinning up around me as I sat on the yoga mat, into a blurred figure eight. Then I focused on the meadow. Slowly and silently, the mat lifted up while remaining flat as though it was still on the ground. I was only about three feet off the ground and flew to the meadow in about six seconds, feeling just a hint of a breeze on my skin as I moved. I then landed down gently into the meadow grasses. The grasses flattened where the yoga mat settled down. When I was seated there, I could not see above the meadow grass so a wall of grass surrounded me.

Sri purred and swished his tail with approval. “We are ready to go to the village now. Just do as you did before and this time imagine the village center as the destination.”

Once again I imagined the spinning metatron’s cube and focused on Cree. Then effortlessly again the yoga mat lifted up and we went sailing in the air over towards Cree. We went high about the tree level. I glanced down and saw the waterfalls and stream running like a silver ribbon through the woods, down the valley, and past the gardens. Cree with the bridge, water, buildings, and park-like fields grew larger and larger. Then, the mat slowed down completely as I hovered about ten feet above the center of village near the stone bridge. The mat came down gently to rest.

The traveling time took only about a minute. It went by far too quickly. How I would love to have the mat and Metatron’s cube back in TV World! Sitting in traffic would be a thing of the past.

Sri got up from the mat and walked towards the grassy park just past the buildings. I rolled up the yoga mat and followed Sri.

When I turned the corner past the buildings, I saw what looked like the entire village sitting on yoga mats, all pointed towards the sun. It was time for the evening sun gazing.

I rolled out my mat and glanced at someone to my left side who looked settled and a master of this daily event. I watched him breathe in, hold his breath, and breathe out. I sat cross legged and sat with my arm out and palms up, resting on my knees. I breathed in unison with the people around me. I breathed in deeply, held my breath for about ten counts, then breathed out slowly. My exhale breath was twice as long as my inhale breath. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. I continued in this manner for several minutes.

There were clouds higher in the sky than the sun itself, which was not covered in clouds. The sun lit the clouds up in ribbons of gold, red, orange, pink, and green, changing continuously. The sun itself was a brilliant orange color as it approached the skyline. I watched it sink slowly bit by bit until the last speck of sun had disappeared from view. The colors of the clouds and sky continued to radiate beautiful colors, gaining in depth with each passing moment.

It was now dusk. My eyes had adjusted to see everyone around me. Everyone was still sitting still on their mats, so I complied.

Then, I saw something that was something like fireworks. I say “fireworks,” because these were lights in the sky. There was no boom, sparkler sound, or smell of sulfur. The bright colors were varied in intensity and hue, and flashed in the night sky. Shapes of flowers burst up into the sky from several directions. Then a fireworks “bird” took shape and flew around the sky, followed by a flock of dozens of other bird-like fireworks, all flapping their wings in formation. This was magical and beautiful.

I saw Sri was also enjoying the night display. I asked him what this was all about.

“Every evening, the village gathers for sunset and some group activity. Tonight, we are experiencing the village manifesting Llightworks. Anyone can manifest lightwork images in the sky. There is no competition, such as whose lights are brighter or bolder than another. Everyone can participate and create the dancing and swirling colors. One person starts an image such as the flower or bird, and dozens of other people join in with a similar item so it fills the sky.”

“How often does the village do these lightworks?” I asked. This was better than any fourth of July fireworks display I had ever seen because the things created moved and expanded across the sky and didn’t just originate from one spot on the lawn.

“These are held about once a month. There are many, many other things that could be done in the evenings as well. Everything is with beauty and love. New creative ideas are expressed all the time and shared for all to enjoy. About anything you can imagine with sound, music, shape, and color is celebrated in these gatherings. As we don’t have the distractions of your Internet or TV, this is what we do in the evening.”

I gazed back at the lightworks dancing in the sky. Now the shapes were of vines, intertwining and flashing with colors. The colorful vines twisted and wove with each other as they filled the sky with sparkles of many colors.

Then, the colors faded and the sky was replaced by a massive display of stars in the sky. I held my breath at the display of all the planets and stars. It was much more intense and filled than what I ever saw in TV world.

And then I started to hear a beautiful music that seemed to come from the planets and stars themselves. I had read somewhere that all planets vibrate at different frequencies. There, in Cree sitting on my yoga mat, I could hear the planets and stars singing.

My whole body was buzzing from the energy and music that came from the planets and stars. It was so beautiful. It also made me drowsy. I yawned. I curled up on the yoga mat and fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, I stirred and woke up from sleeping on my yoga mat in TV World.

The adventure continues…

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