Unified Field

I sat on my yoga mat. I closed my eyes and found myself There, sitting in a comfortable rocking chair on the back porch of my stone house. The birds danced in the trees while creating a chorus of music. Chipmunks and squirrels energetically raced through the underbrush and up the trees. It was summer and time for them to gnaw at the fresh green pine cones in the trees. They climbed up to the trunk a hundred feet in the air and then out onto the far branches where they found fresh green cones. They gnawed on the stem and within a minute, the whole pine cone would come crashing to the ground below after bouncing off of other branches on its way down.

I wondered what I would ponder today. Being There, the topics were endless for discussion with Sri. What then popped into my head was the Unified Field, or Higgs Boson. I really wondered what it was. I had recently had a class on that topic, and how tapping into this would allow you to send and receive blessings among many other things.

In my imagination, I saw fireflies, also known as lightening bugs flickering on and off. They appeared to be in a wave, but I’ve been told they actually are in unison. They are in some way tapping into the unified field and lighting at the same time. When listening to the tree frogs on a warm spring or summer night, they all seem to sing together, starting up at the same moment as though there is an invisible conductor marking their calls to begin in unison. In the same manner, they stop just as abruptly, leading to sudden silence.

I imagined a sparkling wave of colors, like air currents filled with sparkles of light to be the unified field. I wave my arms a little, and I can see the the colors spin in waves much similar to if I put my hand in a pool of water and waved my hand around in a motion.

This reminds me of The Force spoken so much about in the Star Wars series. The Force moves through all life, all things, all of creation. Hmm. I think the writers were on to something.

Yesterday a dear friend sent me a blessing. It was over an Internet video connection and I felt it immediately as a warm swirl of love and compassion. I then thought about returning it but magnified three times back to her. This morning during my meditation, I felt a growing sense of love building within me and towering like a white light within me and as tall as me, swirling like a tiny tornado. Then I imagined it instantly being with her and around her like a large ocean wave surrounding a light house.

A few minutes later, I felt a larger wave of love and compassion swell around me I felt as though as I was in a playful game with my friend thousands of miles away with sending, receiving, and amplifying blessings back and forth. My tower of white light was now about thirty feet tall, and the tornado of love and compassion was a great force against the colorful waves of the unified field. I felt like I sent a Tsunami of intention her direction and in my imagination could see it enveloping her entire house and neighborhood in sparkling white light.

With that, I ended my meditation and woke up sitting on my yoga mat on my bedroom floor.

I suspect we will play this game the rest of the day off and on. I am currently feeling giddy joy and peace. “Drunk” is the closest word, although the alcoholic state is not something I experience very often. It is a feeling of peace that passes all understanding. I am no longer There in meditation or in my imagination, but the feelings and sensations are bleeding through to TV World now. It is beautiful.

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