A conversation with Petrified Wood

I sat on my yoga mat in meditation, holding a massive ten inch piece of petrified wood. My desire and intention today was to connect with the petrified wood, to see at it sees, to feel as it feels.

Instead of going There today, in my imagination I first saw a massive tree, like a Sequoia or Cyprus or something similar. The trunk was huge so that animals like dinosaurs would appear like small toys against it. A person would be the size of a squirrel in comparison to the tree. The air was sweet and fresh. So very alive. It felt like an entire forest of creatures lived in the limbs of this massive tree that reached up thousands of feet in the air.

I got another perspective, and there were many, many other trees similar to this one. There was an entire forest of these, that spanned the entire West Coast of the United States. This tree was where we call southern Utah.

I felt love swirling around me as I felt the cool breeze moving through the branches and saw all manner of wildlife climbing and living in the trees like birds, squirrels, and something like our modern cats and monkeys. Far below there was a tropical forest. This all is so very different from the southwest desert of the United States today.

The love I felt holding the petrified wood and the love I felt sitting in the tree was similar. It was maternal, caring, loving, protective.

Then the tree began to speak to me.

“Welcome little one. Blessings. There is no past or future, only the now. Do not think of me as gone, dead fifty thousand years ago to then become the rock you hold in your hands through a alchemical transformation from wood to stone. I am here, around you , connected to all life, connected to the air and sunlight and wind. I am here.”

I wanted to know more about what happened, even though there is no time as I had just been told.

“In your illusion of time and space, there were massive changes on the Earth, which you may call the plates shifting. I was once on a land mass you would call an island that blended with this landmass. What had been tropical areas shifted to be land locked. Interior seas got cut off from the oceans and rivers and dried up. There were also meteor showers and volcanoes erupting. It was very hot. In a very short period of time, again using your concept of time, the air became very dry and hot.

“I and the other trees gave the animals cover and shelter for as long as they needed for the transition to move to cooler and wetter areas. We stood strongly in the wind and heat and absorbed the harsh sun and dry winds. Our forms transformed from wood to stone. There are still remnants of the mighty trees still in the desert if you know how to look. They look like giant tree stumps.”

I pondered what I had been told. “If there is no WAS or PAST, where are you now?”

She repeated as she had before. “I am here. I am in the wind. I am in the soil. I am in the Unified Field you wrote about earlier.”

“Would you take a form and look like a being of some sort?” I was wondering about the mythical tree spirits or Tree Ents from the Hobbit series.

“We can, but we are of a higher form which you call higher dimension. We don’t need to take a physical form of a spiritual being of the third dimension. We are what you would call ninth dimension, if you must know. But higher does not mean better or smarter or an improvement in some way. We are just in another expression of the All.”

“What benefit is there to the petrified wood form we find in what I call TV World at this time?” I inquired. “I have a few pieces a friend gave me from the Utah desert area.”

“We are grace. By being in the rock form rather than wood, pieces of us can be transported anywhere in the world where people can then attune to us and speak with us. We have waited a very long time for this to occur. Not many people take the time to talk to us.”

“What can you tell us about this time we are going through as a collective,” I asked. “There is so much chaos in the world, and all sorts of horrific things are coming to the surface and known which had been hidden. Some people are filled with fear of this darkness, or fear of economic collapse, or fear of global warming.”

“It is all part of your collective dream. You will notice that the things you mentioned do not affect you directly, right? You are not affected directly by these dark things and things to fear, is that so?”

I had to agree. These were things I read about on the Internet or watched in videos, but they didn’t affect me personally and directly. The reports make it sound as though the chaos is affecting everyone worldwide, but I could see that the chaos was really in pockets and not nearly as widespread as described. Life was pretty calm and peaceful to me. Yes there are hot days and cold days, but that is part of the cycle of seasons and the greater cycle of more extreme seasons across hundreds or thousands of years.

“From your perspective, what is happening in the human conscious collective right now,” I asked.

“You are transforming, like a caterpillar into a butterfly as one example. There are physical, mental, spiritual, and other changes taking place. You are changing. You collectively chose to experience the darkness and separation of you from God and to experience the darkness that could evolve creatively from that. But now you have decided to turn back and become more connected to each other and to realize God is within you.”

My forehead was buzzing and I felt a pressure above my eyes that was pulsing yet not painful My heart felt like it was expanding with each breath. It felt like a flower opening up as I inhaled deeply. With each inhale, it expanded more.

“You are transforming not unlike how we transformed so many years ago from organic limbs and leaves into stone. You dear ones are transforming from organic limbs and organs to a crystalline form as well. You have silica in your blood now, and it is expanding. Your DNA is evolving and skills and abilities that were dormant for many thousands of years are beginning to awaken.”

I opened my eyes as I sat on my yoga mat, breathed in and out deeply and set the piece of petrified wood down.

All this was difficult to grasp and yet exciting. Difficult because it felt so different from what I had been taught in TV world about life, struggle, and how things such as ESP or teleportation were just stories or magic tricks. It was exciting to learn everyone has expanding abilities in these times. My interest in writing this blog, exploring with Sri, and learning new things There to bring back to the TV world continues to amaze me. In another writing, I will explore the imagination and reality.

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