The Healing Pool

I looked down at myself and my clothes had changed to be a lightweight sleeveless silver shimmery tunic of some sort that went down to my knees. The little girl, still in my arms was wearing the same. The fog began to lift.

I began to make out shapes and to see where I was. I was clearly no longer in my stone cottage living room. Instead, I found myself standing on the edge of a large crystal pool. Let me explain further. I stepped up about three steps made of a solid clear quartz. When I got to the top, I saw that the same three steps completely encircled the round pool so that you could enter from any direction. On the top edge, which was maybe eight feet deep before the water started was a wide walkway. The first being I saw was Rael who stood at the top of the steps on the walkway. He motioned for me to enter the pool with the little girl.

I stepped into the pool. With my first step, the liquid only reached up past my ankle. It was cool and pleasant. Not hot like a really hot bath that can turn your skin red and make you all flushed and dizzy. Not cold to give you shivers and hesitate to wade further into the pool. It was a lovely refreshing cool.

As I waded towards the center of the pool, the liquid rose higher and higher from the slope of the pool. At the very center, it was about chest deep. The little girl stirred in my arms and yawned. I looked around the edges of the pool and now saw seven beings in golden cloaks sparkling with flashes of rainbow colors staged around us, in addition to Rael who still stood where they had been standing.

I looked around the room, now that the fog had completely lifted. The walls and ceiling were arched upwards, with a decided curve to both so that there really was no transition from walls to ceiling. I examined it further. The shape to the room, pool, and walls was decidedly egg shaped. The pool of liquid was shaped like what you would call the very bottom of the fat end of an egg. The walls then curved up to form the rest of the egg shape.

I shifted my attention to the pool of liquid. It was not water. That much I figured out as soon as I stepped in the pool, but I wanted to get a feel for where I was before I explored the liquid more. The little girl opened her eyes and kicked the liquid a little bit with her small feet. A ripple moved out in all directions.

I shifted the little girl to balance on my hip as she re-positioned her arms from around my neck to around my now, so that the liquid was now chest high on her as well. With an arm holding her still, I had a free arm to explore the liquid. I scooped down into the pool with my hand and let the liquid flow through my fingers. It was as thick as honey and had a effervescent shine to it with a shimmer of silver and gold and sparkles of many other colors that can’t be described in TV world terms. If you open a conch shell and look at the mother of pearl inside, that would be the closest color imaginable. I sniffed it and it had that beautiful new baby smell to it which is something like the smell of baby powder.

Before I could open my mouth to ask what it was, Rael spoke. “It is Eck, or more formally called Eckankar. And you are in a sacred healing pool.”

Then, the cloaked beings began to sing in unison. It was a series of tones and chant in a language I didn’t understand yet felt familiar somehow to my being. As I stood in the Eck liquid, I felt a vibration start in my feet that moved up my legs to just the bottom of my torso. As the singing continued, I felt the liquid begin to pulse and a current flow around us.

Then, the little girl, whom I will call Karla now, let go of my waist with one hand and dragged it through the liquid. She scooped it up and let it fall through her hands. After a few minutes, she turned away from me while reaching out to the water still. I repositioned my legs to be in a stork position, where one knee was bent with the foot resting on my other knee. Karla sat on my raised knee. The Eck liquid created a beautiful mixture of buoyancy and balance so I could hold her like that for some time.

I looked up at the egg shaped walls and ceiling and saw a dark, dirty red swirling around. If you imagine a soap bubble and how the colors swirl around, imagine the walls and ceiling being like a soap bubble then with swirls with dark red, bright red, and even some clear places showing like clear glass.

The singing/chanting continued around us, echoing further off the walls and back to us. Karla jumped from my knee into the liquid and bobbed then effortlessly with her legs dangling down in the Eck. She held my hand firmly as she did this, yet continued to play with the liquid, now kicking her legs and free arm. She giggled, which surprised me as it was such a change from how she was when I met her. I felt a beautiful grounding peace envelope me as well. I couldn’t help but grin. The walls shifted from swirls of dark red to become much more vibrant red, like the color of a delicious ripe apple. The dark lines all but disappeared from view.

The seven cloaked beings then changed their tones and the walls shifted to series of orange colors. The predominant shade of orange was very dark, like charred oranges. As the singing intensified, I felt the Eck liquid vibrate up a little higher on my torso. I could feel my insides shifting or fluttering a little.

Karla was silent again, but not scared or withdrawn. I looked at her, and in my imagination I saw a brief glimpse of her past in TV world, being sexually abused and assaulted, with scars and bruises throughout her life. She scooped up the Eck and poured it on her head, creating little streamlets of liquid down her face and and body. The more she did it, the more brilliant the orange colors appeared on the walls and the dark charred colors began to fade. I glanced again in my imagination at Karla and saw the scars and bruises of TV world had faded completely, revealing glowing, new skin.

I noticed though that after several minutes that there were still some dark charred orange streaks on the walls. I then had a flash in my imagination of my own loss. While There in that place my body looked as though it was about twenty five, in the TV world, I was well beyond the age giving birth to a healthy child. It was only then that I realized I still had some healing to do as I mourned the change to no longer being able to create human life.

I took Karla’s cue and scooped into the Eck with one hand and poured it on my head. I closed my eyes. It ran down my forehead and over my face. It felt cool and refreshing to my skin. I repeated this maybe a dozen times, and the more I dowsed myself in the Eck, the more healed I felt with those feelings of sadness and loss. I opened my eyes and saw that the dark streaks in the walls were gone, to be replaced by a sunny orange color like you would find at sunrise on a beautiful morning. I hadn’t realized I too could gain some healing from this experience. I felt tears in my eyes of gratitude.

The seven beings shifted to another tune. This time, the walls shifted to a swirl of yellow colors ranging from light yellow flowers to lemon, with streaks of slimy dark yellow mixed in. Karla closed her eyes, held her breath, and leaped from my arms. She plunged into the Eck and bounced back to the surface. As she shook her hair and splashing me when emerging, I saw she was no longer a little girl of maybe three but was now a young teen, perhaps fourteen years old. I held my breath and also plunged into the liquid. When I emerged, I too splashed her. Karla laughed and pulled an arm across the Eck, creating a small wave to splash at me again. I repeated. “Playing in Eck,” I thought to myself. “What a novel idea!” We laughed and splashed some more. The seven beings continued to sing as the dark streaks in the walls faded. The room then glowed with a warm lemon color.

Next, the seven beings shifted to yet another sound. The walls shifted to various shades of green, from the color of small flower shoots to bright mossy green. There were a few streaks of what I would call slimy green in the mix. I looked over at Karla and she was now swimming and laughing in the Eck. I didn’t understand why there were still slimy green streaks in the walls until I looked within myself.

Some entries ago in this blog, I had written about a time of loss when my parents divorced and a brother became seriously injured. I hadn’t realized that there were still small parts of my heart that needed healing from those life experiences in TV world. I laid on my back in the Eck and floated, with my arms and legs outstretched. I relaxed my body and stared at the walls and ceiling. The dark green streaks swirled and faded. I felt a deepening sense of peace and healing, as though my heart had been just been through a high powered car wash.

I stood up and looked at Karla. She was now appearing close to my age There. We looked at each other and something new began to happen that is difficult to describe.

Imagine how an apple has a little indent at the top and the bottom where the stem and core are. I felt like that apple core briefly, although instead of an apple core, I felt more like a drinking straw. Then, I felt a flow of Eck come up my body and up to my head. The Eck then sprayed out in all directions like a water fountain in the park and then splashed down into the Eck again. But as this was not water, the stream of Eck then flowed down into the liquid and completing a mirror of what was above the surface. This movement of Eck seemed to flow from my heart and move up and out then down and back up to my heart. Shape wise, you would call this a toroidal field. The more the beings sang, the stronger the current of Eck flowed up through me and outward, creating a larger and larger arch into the pool.

I then noticed something very curious. The more the toroidal field grew and more and more of the Eck liquid sprang up from my heart area up around me in the pool, the more the level of liquid dropped in the field. The Eck, not bound by laws of gravity in TV world was moving up into the swirling toroidal field, now arching twenty feet in all directions.

I glanced over at Karla, and her field was similar to mine. She also had a fountain of Eck that raced up from her heart, high above her head, and then cascaded in all directions down to her ankles and then back up again.

A curious thing happened. Karla and I stood closer and closer together, and the field intensified around us creating an even stronger toroidal field of Eck. And in those moments when we maintained this, our bodies transformed from being a more recognizable human form into being Eck itself. We were somehow become one with each other and one with the Eck. Everything was a shimmering, bright, colorful swirl of brilliant color.

Suddenly, there was a pop and the Eck exploded like little sparkles from fireworks in all directions. The bottom of the pool was empty. We glanced at each other and then hugged. This experience was too much for words.

I got up and walked up the slope of the pool bottom towards Rael standing on the side. I glanced over and saw Karla had walked towards the seven beings.

The journey continues…

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