The garden

Continuing from the prior post, I stepped out of the now empty healing pool and walked towards Rael. I felt so relaxed and peaceful after that experience. I think it is an appropriate expression to say “I glowed.” There was a lightness, an energy about me that coursed through my veins as though I could do anything. I felt blockages had been removed and I had experienced an internal scrubbing. The air smelled sweet and fresh like after a heavy rain.

I had many questions but I felt I needed to sit with the experience for a while to digest before I asked questions.

Rael looked into my eyes and said, “We are done here. Thank you for your assistance.”

I glanced back at Karla then back to Rael. “What about Karla? Should I wait for her?”

“She has chosen another path. She is staying here to learn from the sound healers, or rather remember how to do this healing herself. You see, she was one of the sound healers for a very very long time, and desired to experience suffering and separation so that she would be better at her service as a sound healer. So, she incarnated as a person who wanted to experience the most suffering and separation possible in a small span of time, then experience the healing for herself.”

“I don’t understand,” I responded. “She was abused horribly throughout her life, by various people. Most recently by the boy whom I found with her in the flowers by my stone cottage. From what I saw, it was a violent relationship. How can anyone want that?”

Rael smiled. Colorful waves of loving energy expanded from him as he spoke. “The boy, who is back to being a grown man is Thomas. He and Karla agreed at a soul level long before they ever met that they would play a role for each other. It was a challenging yet loving decision before they were born in your world to help each other experience life in the manner they had. It was divinely perfect.”

We walked out of the egg shaped healing chamber through a doorway I hadn’t noticed before. I then found us in a beautiful manicured garden filled with all manner of flowering bushes and plants like you would find in the finest Arboriums or on estates. Off to one side was a path into a rose garden with hundred of different colors of blooms. The powerful spicy and sweet smells wafted my way through the air. To my other side was a beautiful clear lake surrounded by blossoming cherry trees. In the slight breeze, the white blossoms swirled and fell like a magical snow storm which was neither wet nor cold but could cover the ground. The lake was gently blessed with cherry blossoms near the shore. In the direction before me was an English style country garden, filled with a vast array of flowers of many heights and colors. Bees buzzed happily from plant to plant. The brilliant colors and intoxicating smells were glorious. It was like the best garden I had ever visited, times a hundred in beauty for all the senses.

I then drew back to the conversation I was having with Rael, although it would be nice to just sit in that garden for days. The garden just felt more pleasant than the conversation I was having.

“This is so strange,” I responded with a furrowed brow. “An abuser and the abused could be divinely perfect? How is abuse ever good?”

“I didn’t say abuse was good. In fact, there is no good or bad. Those are constructs created in your world to live in duality. There are just experiences for growth. The experience was divinely perfect, assisting them to expand their heart to better understand and feel greater compassion for those they serve.”

“So Karla is going to stay here?” I asked again. “You said she was one of these beings before?” I was trying to wrap my head around what I was hearing.

“Yes. Karla was a sound healer very much like the others here. She wanted to expand her heart to feel as those who came here might feel, so she would become more effective and compassionate. As you may have guessed, there isn’t the suffering and separation here as there is in your world. So she chose to go on a little adventure. She needed to forget everything, including how she was never alone and was a powerful being in order for the adventure to work properly. Now, she can share what she has learned and felt with the others and they all will be better healers.”

“I feel I understand now,” I responded. “But what about Thomas? I assume he also went to a healing pool. Is he staying here as well?”

“No. That is not his desire. He is coming here now. You can ask him yourself.”

I turned around and saw a man about 25 years old, dressed in the same silvery tunic come walking towards us. He was beaming with a warm smile and his step had a bounce to it.”

“Thank you for your assistance!” Thomas boomed then gave me a hug that squeezed my breath out for a moment. “What an experience!”

I assumed he was talking about the pool. “Did you see the colors and do things with the liquid in the pool?”

“Oh that,” Thomas began. “The healing pool helped me remember who I am and why I went to your world. I spent a lot of time floating in the healing pool and letting the waves roll over me.”

“So what now? Where would you like to go now?” I then remembered my role as a Founder with the fancy jump pad in my kitchen that could help him jump to a village of people anywhere, wherever There was. I hadn’t really figured out if There was another planet, another dimension, another time period like the time of Atlantis on Earth, or what it was. I tucked that thought back into my head to ponder another time.

“I am going back where I came. I believe you call it TV World. Now that I remember who I am, I need to go back and help others awaken, especially those burning with a passion fired with anger, deceit, envy, and powerlessness. Now that I am awake, I need to help others awaken.”

“Wow,” I said, which wasn’t profound. I couldn’t think of anything to say at that moment. I was speechless. I admired Thomas at that moment for being so sure and energetic and passionate about going back to TV World and helping others to wake up and prepare for a trip There. I could see that he would have no shortage of potential recipients to his loving support. Based on what I had observed through the news and on TV, many, many millions of people in TV World suffered in this way.

I looked to Rael looking for guidance. “Are you going to wave your hands and send him off to TV World now?”

Rael smiled and looked into my eyes. “You already know how to travel back and forth between the worlds. Why don’t you show him yourself.”

I thought for a moment, then remembered the Druidic Othala rune shaped like a diamond with two little tales at the bottom point of the diamond. I made a point with my index finger and and closed the rest of my fingers making a pointed fist. I cleared my mind with three deep breaths, then drew the shape. As I moved my finger in the air, a golden bright line appeared. When I finished, the shape began to grow and within a minute was as big as a doorway.

I glanced over at Thomas and noticed he was no longer wearing the silvery tunic. Now he wore jeans, a plain white T-shirt, and hiking boots loosely laced. He looked like he would blend in wherever he went.

“Thank you again,” Thomas said to me. I have so much gratitude for everything now.

Something had been bothering me though, so I blurted it out. “You have changed so much now. I mean, the anger is gone. The attitude is gone. You are a completely different person. How will others take the change?”

“That’s for them and their journey. Some people will reject it and may want me to revert back to how I was. They’ll tell themselves that this was some sort of phase I was going through, but that I would soon be back to my prior self. Others will think I am possessed by something and curse me. How they respond is their journey. I send them all blessings.”

I was amazed at how peaceful and joyful Thomas now was. I hugged him again. “Farewell, friend, until we meet again.” I didn’t know why I said that as before today I did not remember ever meeting him.

Thomas then stepped through the Othala shape with his right foot. When his left foot left the ground to continue passing through the shape, he began to fade as though a dimmer switch had been dialed down. In this case, instead of dimming down light, his entire body faded from view. Finally, the golden shape faded as well so that once again the was just the English garden before me.

I felt a lump in my throat and something churning in my gut. I wanted to sit down, immediately. I was starting to feel something strange within me.

I turned to Rael and he smiled. Him being one of few words, he raised his hands and made a little corkscrew shape with them.

Everything around me faded to black. And just like in a theater, the lights came back up within a few seconds. I was no longer in the garden with Rael. I was back in my living room in the stone cottage. Sri sat on the couch before me. I glanced down at myself and saw I was wearing my previous clothes of a cotton tunic dress. It was as if that entire experience lasted only seconds.

I collapsed back onto the big arm chair behind me. It was still warm from when I had been sitting there before. And then, I surprised myself by how I reacted. The tightness in my throat, gut, and chest grew stronger and my eyes began to fill up with tears. I began to sob.

The story continues…

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