Imagining a story

I am struggling with imagining a story that will have excitement but not be filled with duality of good vs. evil, power over/power under, fear, anger, anguish, etc. I read a few novels to get a sense of the flow and wording of what makes a good story, and I am left with the dark contrast of a 3D world to a bucolic 5D world of wonder, magic, and harmony.

When I imagine the 5D world by itself, I am at a loss to see what struggles are there. I imagine no wars, no conflict. I imagine even sporting events to be of unity and creating something together. I imagine people spending time creatively expressing themselves in music, art, dance, and other forms of expression.

I see this story starting to take shape in my mind, like a dark gray fog that is barely starting to lift where I could make out shapes and form. I know intuitively that this story, this novel will be one to bridge between the 3D and 5D worlds. There will be the 3D expressions of conflict and karma, and there will be the 5D expressions of wonder and grace. In time, I’ll learn in the novel how to bridge the gap between the old and the new so that slowly the 3D will change as everything is viewed from a new light.

This is transformational. This is wonder. I have a whole legion of Guides helping me with this venture.

I don’t want the story to be just of the usual 3D tensions that have been explored in books and movies and song and dance for thousands of years. I want a story which will help people see things from a new perspective, then do things from a new perspective.

I am trying to do that in my life. I see someone cutting me off in traffic on a highway, zipping by in between the cars on down the road. From a 3D perspective, I could say, “How rude! He’s going to get killed or kill someone. How horrible!” All of these statements are filled with judgment and shame. From a 5D perspective with the same activity, I could respond, “I wonder if he’s alright. Maybe he’s rushing to the hospital. Or perhaps is running from something.” Instead of lashing out with a gut response of judgment which is so ingrained in society, I responded with compassion.

This is not easy to do all the time, but yet I still practice it. It is slowly becoming easier and as natural as the heated responses were.

I am shifting how I see the world. And in response, the world is changing around me.

Sit with me as I evolve.

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