Topsy turvy teachings

I was thinking about some of what I was taught culturally which really never made any sense to me. When I reflect on them now, I see they were attempts to increase separation, fracturing our unity.

I were taught to avoid the sun—I would get burned and get skin cancer. In reality, we need the sun. Vitamin D deficiencies cause all manner of illnesses. Actually I love and have always loved sitting in the sun.

I were taught to avoid walks in nature. There were ticks, disease infected mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, and wild animals in nature. Actually, walking or even just sitting in nature is vitally beneficial. It grounds us and connects us with all. I have walking in the woods and camped my whole life and at most have faced hungry ordinary mosquitoes.

I was seduced by fancy technologies like the Internet and smart phones and was told that was the best way to communicate and connect with others. I was taught phone calls, hand written letters, and personal visits were not in keeping with the world. Even if you live in the same household with another, texting from another room or across the table was better somehow. In reality, physical contact, touch, hugs, and sharing space are vital for our growth and connection. And I love to get a hand written letter or card in the mail. I had a smart phone for a while but exchanged it for a flip phone with no wifi. That’s all I need in a phone.

I was taught that hand made and home made items were viewed as quaint at best, or backwards. I was taught store bought from large superstores were preferred. I was taught I could get a sense of community by shopping at a clothing store which sold my own “look” which I then shared with millions of others who also wore that same look. For me, it was Banana Republic clothing. But in time, I have relearned to simplify my wardrobe and to shop at a Goodwill for clothes, recycling and wearing items another has decided to share. Likewise, I also take clothes I no longer wear to Goodwill.

I was taught there is a finite amount of anything in the world, be it money, love, toilet paper, or love. I was taught to store up things, to be prepared because that shortage would certainly come along with floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. I was taught to fear the future because I would never experience the illusive good old days. I know now that there is an abundance of everything, and we experience shortages because we manifest that experience. When I have needed to go to the grocery store recently during what feels like the “world wide shutdown,” I have been able to find everything on my grocery list. I just knew what I needed would be there.

I could go on with so many more examples. We were taught to be separate and independent to the point of looking at the environment to be a hostile other and to view others as competitors in collecting the limited “stuff” out there.

There is a much better way, though. We all are one. What I do affects others. And we each are really a reflection of each other. If I feel strong negative emotions towards someone, then in reality they are just showing me an aspect of myself I don’t accept and love.

For example, I found myself judging someone who appeared to be a hoarder, with junk all over their house and yard with barely enough space to walk. I have realized reflecting on this more that people hoard because they are lacking something in their life and so collecting stuff somehow feeds them or fills them or satisfies them in some way. It made me go deeper into myself and ask, Where and how do I feel like I am lacking?” It also reminded me it was time for me to clean out closets and book cases and give things away I no longer used or read. It also reminded me I need to continue with this blog.

Kether and COVID-19

For about seven weeks now I have had an assignment from my spiritual teacher and friend to meditate on joining with God, connecting all the way to Source and experiencing the potential, the divine spark of God in all. During my meditation I have felt an overwhelming bliss and connection. In a very primitive example, it is like imagining I am a spark, a tiny star in the great expanse and then I fall into a black hole and am pulled in with all the other stars to experience something far beyond human comprehension and words. It is swirling and merging with all, and beyond thoughts and words.

It is experiencing absolute nothing and everything simultaneously. It is like touching a power line which instead of electricity running through it is love and desire. This desire is to experience everything and also to be in Oneness. It is joining with God and seeing all as perfect.

Also, the past seven weeks, the world has been slowly spinning up into a frenzy of this thing called the Corona Virus, or COVID-19. This sense of Divine Union from my meditation is not a spigot where I can turn off the flow when I open my eyes and resume my day activities. Therefore, I have silently been developing a very different perspective on COVID-19.

I am like much of the world spending time at home instead of going on about daily activities like going to the pool for a swim or running on errands. Restaurants are now closed, but the last time I ate out about a week ago, I felt everyone around me was a little nervous to be eating there with others just a table away because the way the news had been describing the virus, the people at the next table could be infected. The weather has been mostly cold, windy, and rainy so even walks in the neighborhood are few and far between for me right now. There have been days where the only time I left the house was to put bird seed in the bird feeders.

I have been finding feeling gratitude for the virus. Please hear me out and don’t immediately throw rocks at me for speaking such heresy. The virus is getting people to talk and to connect. All the crazy doing-ness of activities, sports events, movies, and melodramas have shut down. Right now in this pause there is very little “doing” going on at all. It’s become a time of “being,” or more accurately said, “human being.”

I am observing for the first time in my life people all over the world being united on a single topic. I am noticing world leaders are talking with each other and sharing ways to stop the virus and also make the world a more loving place. It has been months since I have heard of wars breaking out in the Middle East in one of the usual hot spots.

It’s like we are all living on the edge of a beautiful lake with a few pieces of plastic floating on the top. But if you take a stick and jab at the pond, all the muck that was buried gets churned up and the whole pond suddenly looks unappealing.

Some leaders speak of draining the swamp, where creatures are visible when the sump pumps are turned on and the swamp is drained. I see it more that the trash deep within the lake needs to be scooped up and removed. Some of that trash just needs to be rinsed off lovingly as that trash was just caught in the system, like a fly caught in a spider’s web. I will write about this more in another post.

And, I am feeling gratitude for the trash itself. It is reminding me to remember how beautiful the lake is and to be mindful and love the lake.

I meditated on the many people behind the corona virus, and the ones in all aspects of society whom experience very little of the spark of Source within themselves. I don’t like to use the word dark ones, or illuminati, or cabal. Those whom have shut themselves off from Source’s love have just a tiny spark of light shining within them, like a tiny pilot light. So I have instead adopted the image that they are dim lights, or even dim bulbs!

I see world events now more from a perspective of love, with each playing a role during this great awakening drama. Many people would not have woken up if the actions were not so horrific, so vile. Humanity asked for a glass of cold water to be thrown on its collective face, but this has become much more the fire hose with the full blast going into our chest so that we can wash the film off our hearts and be compassionate towards others.

I am observing old systems begin to transform. Laws have been changed enabling medical doctors to contact their patients over the Internet through video conferencing technologies. I can imagine this becoming a permanent change, creating virtual “house calls” on many aspects of health care.

I see school changing, and the whole approach to education. The classic education components of reading, writing, spelling, math, history, geography, etc. could be taught distance learning style, for all grades. The brick and mortar school buildings could be transformed to be places of learning alternative things such as music, art, dance, theater, meditation, and thousands of fields that haven’t been invented or explored yet to help transform the world.

What if small children were asked what they would like to learn, instead of being forced through the same texts and exercises as if they were parts on an assembly line? What if a child showed interest in bugs at an early age was immersed into studying all about bugs? The youngest would draw bugs, shape them from clay, and just sit and talk to the bugs. Later, they would learn to take pictures, sing to the bugs, and develop creative stories about the bugs. That child could learn to see life from the bug’s perspective, and the interconnection of all life. The possibilities are endless with all the interests children have and their unique gifts.

What if the whole concept of sports could change, from one team beating the other in some way, or chasing a ball around a shape in the ground to be something unifying? For instance, a team of musicians could compete with others to see which team could be the most expressive in conveying compassion, or love, or joy, or whimsy in their music. The same could be done with paint, or textiles, or drama, or dance. These competitions would have the end result of helping uplift everyone. There would be no team of winners or losers, as though reinacting little battles.

I see the world shifting away from power over and power under, the haves and have nots, and a million other ways where we define who we are as being separate from others. I feel we have been given the opportunity now to experience greater unity. We are one people. We are one world. We are love.

I’m Back!

It’s been a while since I posted. It’s not that I just stepped away and got distracted, such as I get distracted when I go to a rock shop where they have mounds of thimble size tumbled rocks and a big sign to pick one. There, I will let the rocks flow through my fingers and pick up one, then drop it when I find another, then drop that one when I find another. The distraction with the tumbled rocks is one of delight and wonder. It’s hard to choose just one tumbled rock when they all are so beautiful.

I haven’t stepped away and forgotten. I have been working on a novel. At first, I just plunged in and started writing whatever came to mind and watching the plot unfold in my mind and then transcribing it into text. But I found after seventy five pages of details and hardly moving much into the adventure, my inner voice was saying, “Get on with it!” as if I was spending too much time examining each tumbled rock, holding it in my fingers up to the light and counting the speckles or stripes or other markings, and forgetting that I was just stopping momentarily at the rock shop and it really wasn’t part of the plot.

I digress. I like the distractions of picking up rocks, or watching cloud formations, or feeling the water from my shower head rain down on me in a delicious warm waterfall.

I am back now. I discovered I am really exploring two parallel tracks at once. One is to continue developing the novel with themes of forgiveness and healing and freedom without a blood bath of the oppressed fighting the oppressor which just continues a karmic wheel of good guys vs. bad guys. It’s complicated. The “bad guys” don’t feel they are the bad guys after all. Both sides feel they are good guys. So I want to explore a story from several perspectives. At some point I will share that story. There is much to share already with each of the major characters I am beginning to form in my mind and on paper. It’s exciting because I can watch the plot unfold in my imagination before me like a movie and I am just taking dictation on what I see, hear, feel, and experience within the story.

The other track is I am embarking on studying in a mystery school. As I understand it, it is called a mystery because it is about making things unknown to become known. I feel like I have a heavy, used magnifying glass in my hand and I’m studying crevices and changes in the air for clues to this mystery. It’s really an internal journey to know myself and know God who is within me.