I’m Back!

It’s been a while since I posted. It’s not that I just stepped away and got distracted, such as I get distracted when I go to a rock shop where they have mounds of thimble size tumbled rocks and a big sign to pick one. There, I will let the rocks flow through my fingers and pick up one, then drop it when I find another, then drop that one when I find another. The distraction with the tumbled rocks is one of delight and wonder. It’s hard to choose just one tumbled rock when they all are so beautiful.

I haven’t stepped away and forgotten. I have been working on a novel. At first, I just plunged in and started writing whatever came to mind and watching the plot unfold in my mind and then transcribing it into text. But I found after seventy five pages of details and hardly moving much into the adventure, my inner voice was saying, “Get on with it!” as if I was spending too much time examining each tumbled rock, holding it in my fingers up to the light and counting the speckles or stripes or other markings, and forgetting that I was just stopping momentarily at the rock shop and it really wasn’t part of the plot.

I digress. I like the distractions of picking up rocks, or watching cloud formations, or feeling the water from my shower head rain down on me in a delicious warm waterfall.

I am back now. I discovered I am really exploring two parallel tracks at once. One is to continue developing the novel with themes of forgiveness and healing and freedom without a blood bath of the oppressed fighting the oppressor which just continues a karmic wheel of good guys vs. bad guys. It’s complicated. The “bad guys” don’t feel they are the bad guys after all. Both sides feel they are good guys. So I want to explore a story from several perspectives. At some point I will share that story. There is much to share already with each of the major characters I am beginning to form in my mind and on paper. It’s exciting because I can watch the plot unfold in my imagination before me like a movie and I am just taking dictation on what I see, hear, feel, and experience within the story.

The other track is I am embarking on studying in a mystery school. As I understand it, it is called a mystery because it is about making things unknown to become known. I feel like I have a heavy, used magnifying glass in my hand and I’m studying crevices and changes in the air for clues to this mystery. It’s really an internal journey to know myself and know God who is within me.

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