Blessings in Disguise

I don’t wear a face mask. At first, I wore a purple bandanna over my nose. Recently though, I began to wear a lace mantilla, the kind worn by women decades ago when they were forced to cover their hair in church. I found it quite fitting to transform both the symbol of oppression imposed on women to cover their hair and the symbol of silencing voice with the cloth face masks. I choose to wear lace instead.

So I went out, to a garden center and to the grocery store. I could easily smell the lavender I bought through my mask. How wonderful that was! It was so freeing. I wondered why I hadn’t thought of this several weeks ago. I smiled from behind my lace and people could see my smile. I blessed others with my eyes and smile as I walked peacefully through the stores.

In contrast, my spouse shaved his beard and stoically wears an industrial grade filter mask with 95 stamped on it. He told me what I was wearing was blocking absolutely nothing.

I completely agreed. My lace mask isn’t blocking me from blessing others. It isn’t blocking me from expressing my humanity, from smiling and talking and smelling the flowers. When I wear it, I feel as though I am donning on my super power outfit, empowered and powerful, like a masked cape crusader. With the lace, I can help heal the world.

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