I am a day dreamer. My whole life I have been able to just imagine myself into another time and space. I remember being in a hot stuffy elementary school in a boring class and would travel with the birds all the time. I would glance out the classroom window at a cardinal or robin, then imagine I could see through their eyes and fly high above the school and out past the playbround and fields and woods to go exploring. Then, I would come back to life in the classroom now and then to check in to see if there was anything interesting going on.

This sense of imagination and being able to go anywhere with my mind came in handy I fifth grade when we were studying the American Western frontier and what life may have been like for early settlers in places like Arizona, Utah, or Nevada. We were tasked to make dioramas of some scene. I didn’t need to read books in the library or pull one of the heavy red and blue Encyclopedias from a library shelf to study the frontier. I knew that was the assignment so we could become acquainted with reading and doing research.

I remember how easy it was for me to simply close my eyes and imagine I was someplace, say in the mid 1800’s, in a dusty, smelly settlement. I could smell the dust and feel the grit on my skin, which was dry and burned wherever it was exposed to the sun. For my diorama I imagined I was a young boy, traveling with my family in a covered wagon with all our belongings. I could hear the squeak of the wagon, could smell the horses and everyone’s body odor as baths were rare unless we came to a body of water. I could feel being jostled around in the wagon as the horses (we had two) plodded along on what was not much than a well-worn bare dusty road with lots of rocks and potholes.

This in my imagination was much more vivid than what I could read about in any Encyclopedia. I didn’t understand then that not everyone could just travel places with their mind and see through the eyes of anyone or anything. It didn’t matter if I was tall or short, old or young, male or female. Seeing through each gave me a new perspective.

Throughout my formal education years, I continued to travel with my mind and go places. When I graduated from college and later became immersed in the corporate world with a computer screen, I would take a break and imagine myself being far away on an ocean beach, and could listen to the crashing waves against the boulders, spewing water spray with each lunge. I could taste the sea salt in the air and hear the cries of a seagull somewhere overhead.

These days, I am using my daydreaming to imagine New Earth, seeing it and experiencing it as though I am there. I can see where I live, what I’m wearing, and what I’m doing just as I could as a child imagining I was far away from my hard desk in a humid classroom. I am seeing New Earth from the perspective of several characters. I can put myself into each character and see out through their eyes to see and experience where they are.

While New Earth does not have the pollution, wars, and stark differences between the “haves” and “have nots,” it is also not a perpetual life of sitting on a beach bathing in the sun, sipping from exotic drinks with little paper umbrellas.

The first thing that struck me is there is so much to learn on New Earth! Every bird, every insect, every encounter with another person or being can teach us something about ourselves. Every imagined being is there, so there are fairies, gnomes, dwarfs, unicorns, dryads, and millions of other beings whom are our teachers as well. The New Earth is a playground for us to learn more about ourselves, our powers, our abilities, and our connectedness with all. The illusion of separation no longer exists there.

I will share more about this in this blog. It is all very exciting.

Change is in the Air

The weather has been the usual Tempest this time of year. Rainy, hot, cold and snowy randomly present themselves like some weird weather lottery. I literally look outside and need to ask myself, “NOW what is the weather?” Because in the low mountains of Pennsylvania, the weather can literally change every ten minutes as new clouds tumble over the mountains.

I live someplace called Westmont, which literally means West Mountain. It think a few hundred years ago when the first settlers came to this area, they were Scots searching for something that looked and felt like Northern Scotland so there are many names in the area adopting Scottish names. Westmont is in the Laurel Highlands, which in a few more months will be flush with the bright colors of Laurels in bloom.

But I digress. Back to the weather. One day it is pouring a cold steady rain, where it is completely miserable for bipeds to go outside. The overflowing gutters outside my window remind me that soon I need to clean out the gutters and flower beds to get ready for the flowers and the pretty parts of spring. In the rain, the robins dance around the yard singing and searching for the proverbial early worm. The robins are rather portly in my yard, with their bright red breasts. I can imagine some of them wearing a vest and a pocket watch as they strut around.

Every morning now for over two weeks when I sit and write by one window on the second floor, a robin likes to perch on a maple tree maybe ten feet from me, staring at me. I take it from him that he wants me to get on with the day, and to welcome each day with enthusiasm.

I like to sit at that window now in the mornings to watch the sun rise. I’ve been getting up before the sun breaks the horizon, when there are just the hints of color hitting the clouds on the horizon. One of my cats has taken it upon herself to wake me at this time with her loud meows to get up and let her onto the porch. I have to give her a firm “not now” as I settle into a meditation to await the golden/orange sun. This morning, this kitty decided to settle in front of my crossed legs as I meditated to wait me out for this weird ritual. A second cat sat as sentry behind me purring loudly as I breathed and engaged in my meditation.

Today, my meditation included the spark of God, which means imagining a straw-like tunnel that God, in the form of sparks of pure light and love and energy comes from the sun into this imagined straw-like structure. I breathe it in, compressing my breath and then letting my breath fill my mind, making my whole head buzz. Then I release my breath in a firm exhale and imagine that energy surrounding me in a sphere.

Each time I breathed, the sphere expanded, being filled with a golden sparkly light. First, it surrounded the bed where I sat with the cats. Then, in the next breath, the entire bedroom was filled with the balloon-like expansion of the golden light. Then, the bubble expanded with breaths, encapsulating the entire house, followed by the yard. Then, I imagined my mind is pulled up high in the air. I left the bubble and found I was no longer on the inside but on the outside looking down.

I saw my house get smaller and smaller as I flew higher and higher and higher with each breath, as though each exhale propelled me higher and higher. It felt like I was seeing Google Earth real time with my mind. Each time I breathed, this view of the Earth is covered in this same golden sparkly light. It was that same loving light I imagined from the sun, and from God or Source or Ehyeh, (a divine, sacred name for God) or whatever you would like to call the Creator of all.

Then when the meditation had ended, I let both cats out onto the screened porch to watch the robins and chipmunks and squirrels with their morning activities.

Besides it being early Spring where the weather is changing rapidly and flowers and trees are beginning to bud, I feel as though change is in the air globally as well. Right now I feel as though while I sit self-quarantined in my house looking out at the flower beds and trees, that there is an electric energy in the air and magic is beginning to happen.

It is an exciting time. It feels like that potential, that time where a seed deep in the ground is hit with Source, with divine energy, the divine spark of light and soon it will begin to burst forth a little seedling or shoot for new life. This indeed is a very exciting time. I feel this Spring and Summer will be very, very different (in a good way) from past Springs and Summers. Change is in the air.

Topsy turvy teachings

I was thinking about some of what I was taught culturally which really never made any sense to me. When I reflect on them now, I see they were attempts to increase separation, fracturing our unity.

I were taught to avoid the sun—I would get burned and get skin cancer. In reality, we need the sun. Vitamin D deficiencies cause all manner of illnesses. Actually I love and have always loved sitting in the sun.

I were taught to avoid walks in nature. There were ticks, disease infected mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, and wild animals in nature. Actually, walking or even just sitting in nature is vitally beneficial. It grounds us and connects us with all. I have walking in the woods and camped my whole life and at most have faced hungry ordinary mosquitoes.

I was seduced by fancy technologies like the Internet and smart phones and was told that was the best way to communicate and connect with others. I was taught phone calls, hand written letters, and personal visits were not in keeping with the world. Even if you live in the same household with another, texting from another room or across the table was better somehow. In reality, physical contact, touch, hugs, and sharing space are vital for our growth and connection. And I love to get a hand written letter or card in the mail. I had a smart phone for a while but exchanged it for a flip phone with no wifi. That’s all I need in a phone.

I was taught that hand made and home made items were viewed as quaint at best, or backwards. I was taught store bought from large superstores were preferred. I was taught I could get a sense of community by shopping at a clothing store which sold my own “look” which I then shared with millions of others who also wore that same look. For me, it was Banana Republic clothing. But in time, I have relearned to simplify my wardrobe and to shop at a Goodwill for clothes, recycling and wearing items another has decided to share. Likewise, I also take clothes I no longer wear to Goodwill.

I was taught there is a finite amount of anything in the world, be it money, love, toilet paper, or love. I was taught to store up things, to be prepared because that shortage would certainly come along with floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, and other disasters. I was taught to fear the future because I would never experience the illusive good old days. I know now that there is an abundance of everything, and we experience shortages because we manifest that experience. When I have needed to go to the grocery store recently during what feels like the “world wide shutdown,” I have been able to find everything on my grocery list. I just knew what I needed would be there.

I could go on with so many more examples. We were taught to be separate and independent to the point of looking at the environment to be a hostile other and to view others as competitors in collecting the limited “stuff” out there.

There is a much better way, though. We all are one. What I do affects others. And we each are really a reflection of each other. If I feel strong negative emotions towards someone, then in reality they are just showing me an aspect of myself I don’t accept and love.

For example, I found myself judging someone who appeared to be a hoarder, with junk all over their house and yard with barely enough space to walk. I have realized reflecting on this more that people hoard because they are lacking something in their life and so collecting stuff somehow feeds them or fills them or satisfies them in some way. It made me go deeper into myself and ask, Where and how do I feel like I am lacking?” It also reminded me it was time for me to clean out closets and book cases and give things away I no longer used or read. It also reminded me I need to continue with this blog.