Awakening abilities

“Why are my hands so hot and tingly when I wake up?” I asked as I sat down to type.

“Energy. You are receiving an transmuting. Blessing. Healing. You do a lot of work in what you call the sleep time. In reality, you are very busy there. The heat and tingly sensations are traces left from when you are in the other space.”

“What is that other space?”

“It is what you could call other dimensions, other worlds, parallel lives.”

“Why am I so tired after I wake up, and then need to take a nap every day?”

“You are not used to the new energies coming upon the planet. You rest as a way of absorbing the energy and letting it work on your DNA. This is not woo-woo, as you would call it. The energy bombarding the planet is awakening dormant DNA, bringing it on line. You and many others are experiencing the upgrades, as you would call it, in the present.”

“With most individuals, this means increased intuition, increased sense of knowing. More and more, you have a strong sense of knowing which comes as a flash in your imagination. An example is when the phone rings and you get an image of who is calling and then go to the phone and it’s them. Or you play the simple game Rock-paper-scissors and a split second before you put your hand out, you get an image of which hand motion you should do to win.”

“Yeah,” I smiled. “It’s a lot of fun to win at that game over 90% of the time. It’s gotten me out of all sorts of things like needing to run to the store to pick up some item or getting the clothes out of the dryer when the buzzer goes off. I play this game and my husband loses and has to do these things.”

“But how else can I use this expanded knowing, this claircognizance? What could be practical applications?”

“Knowing can take many forms. It can be knowing not to pull away from a light just yet and to avoid being broad sided by a car running the light in another direction. It can be just knowing you need to call someone, and you call them to discover they have had a difficult painful experience and need someone to talk to at just that moment. Or you are interested in making some dish for dinner and go to the grocery store for ingredients just to discover all the items you need are on sale that day. These are just simple examples. The day is filled with these moments if you pause and notice them.”

“Does everyone have this ability?”

“Not everyone, but many have it to some level. Others have abilities such as being able to feel the emotions of everyone around them (empath) or hearing voices of someone speaking from outside the 3D environment, such as hearing angelic beings or some other entity. (clairaudience). There are many, many abilities out there that are coming on line or are increasing.”

I thought about what this means. My, the world could be so different if everyone started to recognize their new abilities. The inspired writers, the scientists dreaming up new inventions, the healers in all the forms, the people who can talk to animals and plants and rocks to gain insight for others. Those who can remove toxins from the air or water. Those who can activate the gifts in others. These things could truly help bring heaven to earth. This circles back to the subtitle of this blog. One small piece to the puzzle of bringing heaven on earth is the awakening of spiritual gifts and abilities.

“Yes,” Sri said plainly as he sunned himself in a window. “The awakening of the abilities is just one piece of the story. There are many, many other components. The abilities are like seedlings that are starting to grow. The abilities need to be nourished with the right food. The individuals need to welcome grace into their lives. They need to do the homework and clean out their closet of old programs and fears. They need to open their hearts up fully to know that all are One. They need to trust themselves to be able to help others. There are many, many other components to this.”

This is exciting. This is a wonderful time to be present here on Earth during this time of awakening of the mind, abilities, and heart.

The journey continues.