Dreams and Movement

Today is the summer solstice. I can actually feel energy hitting the planet right now. There was a big solar flair a few days ago that is supposed to be hitting the planet. Lots of storms, rain, and lightening were going on in many places in the world last night and expected today. When I woke up at 5:05am to do yoga and meditation, my entire body was tingling, including all over my head and down to my fingers and toes.

I got out of bed and felt dizzy and very tired. I laid back in bed for another twenty minutes, then managed to pull myself out of bed to do a little meditation on my yoga mat. I went to the YMCA and the pool was closed due to a pump problem. So I went back home and thought I could do yoga. But the bed called me. I took off my swim suit and crawled under the covers. When I woke, I learned I had a cat pressed against me and it was nearly eight am. So much for yoga and swimming! I needed to sleep.

In that last hour, I dreamed of graduating from college, or rather all the dress up activities were over and I was packing up and moving out of the studio apartment I had rented from the college. I found myself cleaning out the fridge and a dresser and pitching whatever I didn’t need any longer. I found myself working in a hurry because in this dream, new students were ready to move in and were waiting for me to move out. I was feeling energetic and excited on what was ahead.

I keep having a recurring dream theme of graduating and moving on. I’ve had dreams of visiting the college sometime after graduation to see it all different. But lately my dreams have been about change and movement. Right now, I am remembering I had a dream two nights ago about needing to pack and move from a college apartment. Then, though, it was needing to move from one building to another, across campus with all my things and having only a cart of some sort to move my things from A to B. Then in that dream I remember wishing I had more time, and that I was running out of time. Curious. I wonder what that means.

As I type, I am imagining the big colorful bubble in front of me. I stopped typing to go in there and ask Sri what this is all about.

I imagined Sri in front of me and he was sitting on a bright blue graduation robe crumpled in a pile on the floor. He looked at me expectantly, knowing I had questions.

I inquired, “What is going on right now that I feel so much energy, tingly, and have dreams of moving? I don’t have any plans of moving from my house.”

“There are many other forms of moving, or movement other than physically packing up and moving, you know. Movement of energy, movement of the mind to think up new ideas, movement of the heart to express yourself more with others. Open your heart up more and breathe in the possibilities of movement.”

I pondered what he said. I am feeling a pause, a question. It’s like staring into a deep fog and trying to make out shapes. And, I am also feeling a sense of excitement and adventure. I don’t know where this adventure is going.

In this meditation with Sri, I looked down at my clothes and saw I was wearing safari gear. I had on khaki shorts and matching buttoned shirt, hiking boots, and a safari hat. In my mind and heart, I’m ready!

Again, this blog is about my journey to bring heaven to Earth. Let’s see where this goes now.